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Desirae Spenser's Naughty At Home pay site review plus screenshots, and links to Naughty At Home pic and video galleries.

DISCLAIMER: If you're looking to be entertained by my review, you'll be dissappointed! I'm not here like the other review sites to dish up a bunch of biased bullshit to make you want to run and join a crappy site. Who wants to waste their time reading a whole page just to find out if a site has what they're really looking for? Just a no-frills overview of what the site offers should help you decide if the site is a goldmine or a complete rip-off. No, I'm not gonna waste my breath writing about site navigation... who the hell cares? :)

This review was written on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 4:19 AM

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The Premise

Desirae's Naughty At Home is the home of one naughty blonde full-bodied housewife named Desirae who likes to have sex at home with other men and women while her husband video tapes her. She also likes interacting with web cams and really likes having sex with other women! One look at Desirae and you'll immediately be taken by her blonde bombshell looks, her baby smile, her perfectly round ass and long legs. If you're looking for something fresh with a real swinging housewife, take a look at Naughty At Home..


  • Over 147 photo galleries, averaging 30 pics per set.
  • Over 66 videos, around 12 minutes each.
  • Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
  • WMV, MPG, and QT formats, quality maxing out at around 250-300kbps, 640x480.
  • As a bonus, you get 85 Feeds and ezines, including HomeGrownCams and AmateurCamZ.
  • Desirae performs one hour shows every week on two cam networks, Amateur Cam House, Sex Cam Central, and another network that's only accessible to her devoted members.
  • Desirae's journals, which she writes in about once a week.
  • Desirae's stories
  • Desirae is just damn HOT.
  • Desirae goes out of her way to please her members.
  • Softcore pics plus hard core, "cum in your face" threesome and anal videos -- a nice mix.
  • Real people having real sex, refreshing stuff.


  • Photos can be a little redundant.


I always try to stay objective, but this is a little space for me to say whatever I want :) How the hell can anyone say no to a gorgeous blonde housewife nympho like Desirae? Although her content and site can be a little inconsistent, with the weekly cam shows and the video content, I would definitely recommend this site.

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Full Price: $24.95

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Naughty At Home Photo and Video Galleries

Naughty Wife Desirae in Maid's Outfit  White stockings, black high heels, thin-rimmed glasses, and blue maid's outfit. Her short skirt that makes you wanna just rip 'em off. She gives you a glimpse of her juicy tits as she bends over and presses them together for you to see down her dress.
Desirae Naughty Pics - A Day in Pink  Naughty at home wife Desirae poses by a round wooden table in her pink outfit. Her pink underwear is pulled down and when she's got her hands and kneeds on the floor with her bare ass up in the air, you can get a real good look at her bald cunt.
Housewife Desirae in Fancy White Lingerie  Nice white collar, white shoes, white stockings, white lingerie...Damn Desirae...I can guess she's the type who goes all out for that perfect look -- and she nails it right on the head.
Foxy Desirae in White Lingerie Posing in the Living Room  This series of pics really shows off her amazing butt, one of her biggest *assets* so to speak. Her silver high heel shoes also complements her super fine legs.
XXX Desirae in Accountant Glasses  Yes those glasses of hers just stick in my mind..a combination of totally blonde and brainy teacher-type could really make a guy fall for a gal. Smarts and gorgeous in one package - perfect ingredients to make a dick hard :)
Desirae in Black Lingerie  Desirae poses in her cozy-looking bedroom wearing one of her favorite black lingerie. She shows off her big tits and her long legs and lets the camera look up at her fine ass.
Desirae and Another Blonde Posing by Bike  Two Blondes and a bike - what more can you ask for? Both housewife Desirae and her Blonde friend looks hot in this photo shoot.
Housewife Desirae Playing the Dom  Desirae posing in black latex outfit and a little black whip in her mouth. I'm not really into being a submissive, but she can dominate me any day of the week.
Naked Desirae in the Living Room Giving Head  Desirae in a see-thru outfit and thong posing nude and then proceeding to suck cock. The photos are video caps unfortunately but still you can see Desirae in one of the pics playing with a string of cum from the cock as she plays with it.
Desirae Modeling Her White Lingerie at Home  This set of video caps show Desirae standing in front of her white closet in her all-white outfit that reminds me of a wedding. Desirae bends over to stick out her lovely ass in one picture while sticking her hand in her white panties with a naughty smile on her face in another.
Desirae's Naughty Pink Lingerie  Desirae's sexy bod all wrapped up in soft, pink lacey lingerie. She pulls down her pink panties and pulls down the top of her lingerie to bare her milky breasts. Then she uses both her hands to spread the top of her pussy really wide so her husband can get a real nice shot of it...
Hot Housewife Desirae in Librarian Glasses  Since she used to be an accountant, Desirae fits right in with her thinck-framed glasses and gets my *fuck the brainy shy librarian* fantasy going.
Naughty Desirae in Pink Top and Black Skirt  Wow, Desirae knocked me out in this sexy outfit of hers with exotic necklace hanging down her chest and her pink top barely containing her huge boobs, while she has her black lacey skirt pulled up to reveal her little black thong.
Hot Housewife Desirae in Black Latex Sucking Cock  Some soft core pics of Desirae in a super sexy black latex outfit, followed by hard core photos of her sucking the head of a thick long cock. Another pic shows her giving the cock a hand job, and the gallery finishes off with a guy fucking her from behind doggy-style.
Desirae Back in Black  [Desirae] in her [7-inch heels] and an amazing [black lingerie]. The [photo shoot] starts off with some [sexy soft core shots] and ends with her [naked] with her [ass] and [pussy exposed].
Hot Blonde Desirae in Stripes  Lol I love this outfit. Desirae is covered in black and white stripes. I can tell she's having real fun picking out these unique outfits of hers.
Desirae in Her Kitchen with Funky Lingerie  Desirae's got some real cool lingerie collection. Most of the stuff she wears is new to me. She's wearing a kind of oriental looking red / black lingerie with black high heels. Her necklace is pretty nifty too. Also, I might mention that in the last few photos in this series, you can see Desirae on the kitchen floor with her legs spread wide, pussy exposed, and a long pink plastic toy stuck in her asshole.
Sexy Desirae and her Blonde Friend Indoors  Hot Desirae and her blonde friend in schoolgirl unforms assuming suggestive poses - showing their perfectly round asses as Desirae squeezes her friend's tits inside a gorgeous house.
Hot Little Wife Desirae Posing on the Livingroom Couch  Desirae poses in black shoes, sexy fishnet stockings and black lingerie. She holds her favorite little black whip to tease and punish you.
Desirae Naughty in White Bikini  Sexy Desirae wrapped up in stunning white bikinis. Just see her videos where she dances in that thing, it may just put a smile on your face for days...
Naughty Housewife Desirae in Pink  Desirae looks so cute in pink! This gallery shows Desirae back in her Bedroom posing for her husband, who I assume is taking all the shots. Lucky bastard.
Naughty Desirae in Neon Pink Schoolgirl Uniform  Housewife Desirae pretending to be a school girl in her luxurious bedroom. She lifts her mini skirt for you to reveal tiny pink panties and then opens up her top to show her big titties and then smiles.
White Lingerie Loves Desirae  Vid caps of Desirae modeling a white see-thru lingerie in her bedroom. It starts off soft core enough but the last shot shows her plunging two fingers into her bare pussy.
Desirae Heats Up the Kitchen  Foxy blonde Desirae posing in her black lingerie in the kitchen. On the kitchen counter, in front of the oven, on top of the sink, you name it! She's there, lol. The shoot ends with her sucking a cock, what a fine finish.
Naughty Desirae Posing by Christmas Tree  Desirae models her crimson lingerie by her Christmas tree, spreading her pussy and displaying her pink xmas spirit. Few pics of Desirae standing tall while she places her hand on her trimmed pussy hair, and several of her stretched on the floor with her sexy tits exposed.
Accountant Desirae Photo Set  I'm a sucker for gorgeous tall blonde women in business suit, so when I came across this gallery, my heart just about jumped out of my chest. Desirae's naughty butt and tits all conceiled under all that clothes.. but soon enough she strips out of them to show you all the goodies.
Sexy Desirae Photo Gallery - Housewife in Black Lingerie  Another hot installment of Desirae naughty at home pictures featuring the sexy blonde wife posing in black see-thru lingerie in her livingroom. There are a couple of super turn-on pics in here of a shot looking up at Desirae's naked ass and back.
Your Dirty Talking Desirae in Leopard Skin Lingerie  Naughty Desirae modeling on a blue couch wearing a sexy leopard skin lingerie. Her black high heel shoes must be about 10 inches tall and looks sexy as hell on her long sultry legs.
Naughty Desirae in Pink Modeling on a Hot Summer's Day  Photos of Desirae posing in her pink lingerie in front of a cool painting of a sandy beach full of palm trees and big beach balls. She's also wearing a nice transparent glass high heels and pink perl necklace. Talk about a color-coordianted babe.
Wife Desirae Naughty in Pink Shirt  Naughty Desirae modeling in glasses, pink striped shirt and long black stockings. Her breasts are literally bursting out of her clothes in these pics!
Desirae's Naughty at Home Every Day  All I can say about this outfit Desirae is sporting is WOW...Black and see-thru one piece lingerie and a matching stocking just is too good to be true. Desirae models everywhere in the kitchen as usual .. and she looks real cute next to the kitchen sink.
Housewife Desirae in Leapard Skin Bikini  And she looks mightly fine in them too. You have some real hot spankin' naked pics in here that'll satisfy the ass lovers in all of us.
Desirae in Shiny Red Lingerie  Damn, does she ever wear anything twice? Not to mention she's got a great taste in lingerie and shoes. In this shoot, Desirae wears a black pantyhose that immediately makes my dick hard. Looking at her legs and her high heel shoes just makes me wanna grab them and lick it from inch to inch.
Naughty Desirae in Red Schoolgirl Outfit  Woa.. this is too freakin hot. Desirae looking like an 18 year old school girl or maybe even like little red riding hood...with glasses on her face and a stack of books in her arms. Not XXX stuff but fucking too good when Desirae's got her cotton schoolgirl panties wrapped around her ankles.
Sexy Desirae in Red  Desirae wearing a red thng and corset posing in her living room in front of her brown couch. She's got a hot red shoes on and in on of the shots she has her naked ass raised like she's ready to get fucked hard from behind like a dog. Sexy stuff.
Sexy Housewife Desirae Naughty Black Whip  Desirae looking naughty with a dark leather whip in her clutches and her hot thighs covered in hot pink stockings. Her shiny black garter belt wrapped tightly around her shaved crotch...and another photo up her naked ass showing her hairless pussy!
Desirae being Naughty at Home Again  This set begins with a naughty Desirae photo showing naughty wife Desirae posing in the living room wearing her light blue lingerie. A shot of her bending over with her blue bra just makes me wanna rip it off her and cup her breasts!
Naughty Desirae Posing in Her Living Room  Hot housewife Desirae posing nude in her living room wearing a hot little lingerie. I especially like the photo of her without panties on laid down on the floor with her back arched like she's about to come.
Hot Blue Uniform and Desirae  Umm this blue outfit of hers really compliments Desirae's full-figure and her blonde charms. Her tight little blue shorts hugging her ass cheeks is a real turn-on to boot.
Naughty at Home Desirae in Schoolgirl Uniform  I really like this outfit of hers. I can see Desirae on a topless bar working the stage in that schoolgirl gettup and really working it. That short skirt she keeps lifting up kinda drives me ctazy!
Desirae in Tight Black Latex Tank Top and Mini Skirt  Plus she's wearing a black collar and black wrist band...By the end of the shoot she loses her black thong and her tank top has fallen down to reveal her big tits.
Desirae's Naughty at Home in her All Too Sexy White Outfit  Woa, just the first photo in this gallery got me going. What a sweet outfit! Desirae even gets a little nasty with a huge red dildo, licking the site of it, sticking it up her twat, and snuggling it against her tits.
Desirae in a Blue Poco-Dot String Bikini  Blonde Desirae looking hot in her fresh outfit. The photo gallery is mostly soft core and cute, with some pics of her topless at the end.
Housewife Desirae Wearing a Hot Red Bra and Panties  Woa..that's some outfit..bra made partially of pearls! Desirae looks fine as she arches her back with her knees on the bedroom floor.
Housewive Desirae Posing in Her Bedroom  Desirae strutting around in a sexy light-blue see-thru lingerie on her bed. One shot gives a peek at her shaved pussy lips and others gives us a good look at her naked tits and ass.
Desirae Playing the Red Stripper at Home Game  Ooohh shiny red bikinis. Just makes me think of strippers ready to strut their stuff on stage. Desirae does look hot in red with her blonde hair and all. You can see her ripping off her top and getting completely naked.
Nasty Talking Wife Desirae Drinking Red Wine  Desirae holding a glass of red wine in her black thong. She stands next to a modern-looking bed, gulps down the wine, and gives us a good look at her round butt framed by her black lingerie. Then her thong starts to fall down toward her thighs...
Desirae Naughty on Her Livingroom Couch  Your dirty talking Desirae struts around in her white panties and glasses. I guess her hubby has a thing for babes in glasses? Anyway, she is looking nice in these pics, especially when she gets back into her birthday suit.
Desirae Naughty at Home Wearing a Purple Dress  Desirae smiles as she lifts the skirt of her hot purple nightie. You can see her bra strap starting to slip off her shoulder. Then she exposes her purple bra and pulls her skirt up on one side with her mouth forming an O. Soon, you see her climbing on top of her couch with just her panties and bra as she smiles at the camera...

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Some of My Favorite Naughty At Home pics (Click the pics to visit Desirae at Naughty at Home.)

Desirae in black latex!

Desirae in Black Latex.

Desirae's beautiful ass!

Desirae showing off one of her great "assets".

Housewife Desirae looking hot in black!

Desirae lookin' mighty hot in black.

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